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Tatu, Konza Technocity Partner to Attract Investors

Peter Musila 5 months ago

Tatu City and Konza Technocity partnered this week on Monday in a move that will see the two attract investors. 

The decision came as the country is seeks way to bounce back from the impact of the COVID19 that has seen many investments close doors. 

Speaking during a courtesy call, Rendeavour’s Executive Vice President Preston Mendenhall and KoTDA’s CEO Eng John Tanui said the partnership will involve developing investment policies for the two projects geared to positioning them well locally and internationally. 

Tatu and Konza, Special Economic Zones (SEZ), share several interests that can attract investment in the country. 

Aerial view of Konza Technocity

“We are excited as Tatu City to be visiting Konza today. As sister cities with a common goal of easing the burden of urbanization in Kenya and also promoting investment in Kenya, we shall be working together in creating these opportunities.” Mr. Mendenhall said.

Mendenhall also added that the two entities had come up with a team tasked with looking into the Special Economic Zones operations, creating an economic environment that will favor business, hence attracting investors. 

In a statement, KoTDA’s CEO Eng John Tanui added that they would continue collaborating with the city following an initial engagement in 2017. Through the collaboration, mutual smart cities issues will be addressed to ease doing business in the country. 

Konza City and Tatu City are sitting on 5,000 acres, each and do comprise homes, schools, offices, medical centers, nature parks, sport and entertainment complex, and manufacturing for more than 250,000 residents and 30,000-day visitors each.

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