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Marketing Trends and Strategies for B2C Brands 2021

Peter Musila 5 months ago

What does the future hold for B2C marketers in the wake of brand building and customer retention during the pandemic? We predict that AI, brand values, mobile and social spending, and expansion into new go-to markets will shape B2C marketing trends for 2021. 

Currently, brands focus on acquiring and retaining their clients to drive the company’s revenue. A significant percentage of businesses rely on their repeat and loyal customers for revenues. Having highlighted the need to retain clients, one will ask, how can we retain them? Read through for tips. 

Customer retention does vary from one company to the other based on their priorities. Is your company’s priority to improve the clients’ satisfaction through customer service or product quality, keeping the customers from canceling orders? 

Therefore, during this post covid19, you will need to get a bit personal with your clients as you will discover that they demand more. They need relevance and interests addressed. Research is essential so to understand what exactly your customers need and hence addressing their needs efficiently. 

Always remember that your clients are waiting to hear from you, so don’t keep them waiting for long for you to communicate. Make it a regular communication. Always consider tailoring some message to your specific clients; reward them more often to feel appreciated.

How is your customer service? 90% of consumers say customer service weighs into their decision to do business with the company. Therefore, ensure that your customer service can attend to clients’ concerns quickly and to clients’ satisfaction. 

When is the last time you collected customer feedback? This is quite important if you want to improve the customer experience. Please don’t assume anything or make changes before you get to know your clients’ preferences as your changes might be opposite their preferences. Go for questions that require a sentence or two in response and not YES or NO answers. 

Now is the time to think beyond Covid-19. Now is the time to prepare your marketing strategy and leadership team for 2021. Focus on your plan now for 2021 will pay dividends. In conclusion, a marketing consultancy is a great place to start when planning for 2021.

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