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Our Vision

To be part of Kenyan business community promoting enterprise, investment opportunities and development for Kenyans in the Diaspora and complement organizations and individual businesses within Kenya

Our Mission

To assist reinforce the Kenyan Identity, Culture, Economic Prosperity and promote stronger ties between Kenya and the Diaspora

About Kenya2Uhub

Kenya2uhub is the centre of information under Kenya2U which is a social enterprise that unlocks the potential of individuals with a core focus on business and community development. Kenya2U was founded in 2010 in London as a networking membership organization, with the aim of sharing, supporting and inspiring members to achieve greater personal, professional development and business success through networking.

Our vision has since evolved with a mission to reinforce the Kenyan Identity, Culture, and Economic Prosperity and promote stronger ties between Kenya and the Diaspora. We seek to do this by providing a platform for networking home and abroad, encouraging and supporting Diaspora Entrepreneurship and Youth Development.

We are committed to providing opportunities, information and the necessary skills for people to realize their full potential. Through our services, projects and initiatives we want to enhance the quality of life of the Kenyans in the Diaspora. We aim to do this by equipping people to achieve their economic and social aspirations.

One of our goals is to establish service support centres in both the UK and Kenya, which will provide information and advice in line with our aims and objectives of enriching lives.

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