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Why Global Travelers Prefer E-Visa

Peter Musila 1 year ago

Electronic Visa (E-Visa) services have started gaining preference for modern travelers seeking travel approval, as the year-on-year overseas travelers continue to grow.

Improved internet connectivity and speed have pioneered the “armchair booking” of visas, hotels, flights at a click.

The introduction of E-visa services lessened the hustle for travelers as they can submit visa applications via their mobile phones without any visitation to application centers.

Airports have been rushing to upgrade their technological solutions to ensure biometric check-ins of travelers commence soon.

“The Electronic Visa is emerging as a convenient and revolutionary service in the travel domain as it now offers the customers the unmatched convenience of applying for their visa from the location of their choice,” notes VFS Global notes in its report released yesterday.

E-Visa uptake has been championed by 180 locations in which it has been operating, including Kenya, as found by the world’s most extensive outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide.

“Travelers on short visits and trips will be the biggest drivers to the uptake of E-Visa,” Regional Group COO Jiten Vyas said.

Today, 44 countries across the globe do offer E-Visas or some of the electronic visa. Recently, Kenya enhanced the issuance for Visas on arrival in a bid to attract tourists.

“As improving technology continues to facilitate other newer applications in the travel and tourism industry, the potential for benefit to the global traveler is extensive,” Vyas notes.

Travelers prefer e-visas due to simplified payment options, a quicker turnaround time of decision making, and a streamlined application process.

Travelers can also track application status online and reduced waiting time at airports for select categories.

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