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Kenya among Top Global Geothermal Producers

Peter Musila 1 year ago

Kenya is among the top seven global geothermal power producers according to the new data. Kenya, through Kengen, which produces 85% of Kenya’s geothermal power, now has an installed capacity of 823 MW. The addition of Olkaria V saw an addition of 823 MW since 2019 when it was commissioned.

Currently, the US produces 2,555 MW hence being the lead producer of the geothermal, followed by Indonesia at 2131 MWPhilippines, at 1928 MW, Turkey at 1515 MW, New Zealand at 965 MW, Mexico at 936 MW and Kenya at position seven producing 823 MW.

Olkaria Geothermal Project is within Hell’s Gate National Park 120KM from Nairobi and neighbors horticultural farms that produce some of the most exquisite flowers in the world.

Exploration for geothermal resources in Kenya started in the 1950s and gained momentum in the 1960s when two wells were drilled at Olkaria.

Recently, Ethiopia invested in the sector, being the second country in Africa after Kenya. The industry, according top Kengen’s CEO Rebecca Maino, is the firm to revenue earner.

Kengen made KSH8.2 Billion from 31st December 2019; a 98% profit jump from the previous Ksh4.1 billion recorded in 2018.

Kengen has already secured two drilling contracts in Ethiopia in its quest to expand across Africa. However, the progress has been negatively affected by the COVID19 pandemic hence slowed drilling processes in Ethiopia.

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