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Diaspora Banking for Kenyans Living and Working Abroad

Joseph 2 years ago

Banking is a key aspect of financial management. With the realization that not every Kenyan who lives or works abroad knows about diaspora banking services available to them, we have therefore worked on this article to help you discover banking services convenient for you.

In consequent posts, we shall delve more into specifics of each bank. As for now, check out the brief introduction.

The bank has specially designed this service to fulfill the needs of Kenyans in Diaspora who want safe, flexible and convenient banking back home with a special focus on investments.

The bank prides in providing an unbeatable value proposition to help the diaspora clients to maintain connections with Kenya through various products such as Accounts, Loans, Money Transfer, Agents and Insurance.

Equity Bank Diaspora Banking

To start with, Equity has a Diaspora Self-Service Portal, where clients can open and manage their bank accounts, trade in stocks and get insurance for their families in Kenya.

The bank also offers online banking, banking app, Eazzy Chama, Eazzy API, bank accounts, credit facilities, visa cards, money transfer solutions, custodial services and avails equity agents in diaspora.

KCB Diaspora Banking

Here, KCB bank has customized diaspora solutions to help Kenyans abroad realize their dreams as they believe that east or west, home is best.

Their listed solutions are: Diaspora Mortgage, Diaspora Investment, Insurance and Money Remittance. They also have agents abroad who assist new clients with the registration process.

NIC endeavors to support the diaspora clients to attain their personal goals and enjoy the lifestyle they desire. Their Personal Banking products include current and savings accounts, personal loans and mortgages, online and mobile banking solutions.

National Bank Diaspora Banking

Their service aims to understand your needs and provide products and services to assist you to create and manage your wealth.

As a result, they offer Diaspora Accounts, Mortgage, Money Transfer, E-Banking and Diaspora Agents.

Stanbic Bank Diaspora Banking

They have packaged solution designed for Kenyans living in or soon to migrate to the diaspora which offers you convenient banking for transactions in Kenya, excellent service, and with many free extras. You therefore get access to a 24/7 Customer Care Centre, full Internet banking and a personal touch in service through an Executive Banker.

CBA Diaspora Banking

Diaspora Bankers here get to enjoy fund transfer services, RTGS, EFT, M-Pesa, internet and mobile banking, access to loans as well as investment options.

I&M Diaspora Banking

The bank offers quality, convenience and recognition through the following products: Bank Accounts, Remittance channels, Investing in Property, Custody and Investment Services.

Gulf African Bank Diaspora Banking

GAB provides Diaspora Mortgage, Diaspora Account, Foreign Exchange, Diaspora Support contact, Insurance, Plot Finance, Construction Mortgage finance and Remittance channels.

Family Bank Diaspora Banking

They focus on remittances through money transfer options majorly through SimbaPay which allows you to send money to over ten countries around the world. Other options are Airtel Money, MoneyGram and PesaLink.

In addition, they have current and savings accounts, visa debit, credit and prepaid cards, digital banking and diaspora agents.

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