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HF Group to Finance Buyers of Habitat Heights Limited in Athi River

Jacquiline 2 years ago

The Housing Finance Company Limited has promised to partner with Habitat Heights Limited by financing buyers of the units in the ongoing project in Lukenya, Athi River.

The project under a joint venture between Singapura Developers Ltd, a subsidiary of Singapore consortium AFRA, and Habitat Housing Cooperative Society Limited has 8,888 units with one, two and three-bedroom apartments, studio apartments and retail shops.

HF Group CEO, Robert Kibaara said the partnership is in line with their strategy to focus on end user financing for affordable housing and create opportunity for Kenyans in the middle-income bracket to own homes.

“Our goal as HF is to facilitate decent housing for the middle class by connecting them with developers such as Habitat Heights Limited.’’ He added.

Habitat Heights Chairman, Maheshwaran Suresh Kumar, shared how Kenya will benefit from the experience the consortium has garnered through developing some of the best in class residential, office, retail, and amusement properties across the globe.

 “This new development accords us a unique opportunity to create a true housing project that benefits the country for generations to come and will be a model for other countries around the continent and the world.” The Chairman said.

 “We look forward to working with HF Group and leveraging on its knowledge of the Kenyan property market and legacy of making dreams possible to enable tens of thousands of families to own homes,’’ Maheshwaran exclaimed.

The project which has been split into 7 phases of construction with each construction phase projected to take 18 months will have new phase launched every three months for delivery of the units.

HF Group’s savvy in property sales and marketing will also come in handy in accelerating the uptake of units.

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