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Companies Helping Kenyans Invest in USA Real Estate

Peter Musila 3 months ago

Kenyans living overseas have been over the past investing the earnings back at home. However, the trend is now changing, with Kenyans living in the USA considering to invest in their real estate. Notably, the venture might be expensive and complicated to navigate as compared to the Kenyan market.

Are you yet to familiarize yourself with the US system? You don’t need to, consider using estate agents who understand the processes better because US system is cumbersome and might take you long before acquiring the property.

Despite how long the process is, this should not discourage you from investing because their real estate market is a lucrative way to make good money.

Realty Capital Inc. is a company that has been at the forefront in helping Kenyans in the US invest in Real Estate from their offices in Nairobi and America.

Also, White Bluff, a real estate company in Atlanta, helps Kenyans willing to access the US real estate market. According to the company’s manager, Kenyans have been having easy access to credit, and hence rising number of them are investing in US real estate. Other contributing factors are Fair laws, reasonable returns, and consumer protection.

The company sells the property to Kenyan investors, and they have a referral program to have more Kenyans invest in the US. Also, White Bluff helps Kenyan investors bypass the US system complexity, hence taking a short period to own the property.

Do you need to seize from being a Kenyan so to invest in the US? No, acquiring dual citizenship will be important. Becoming an American citizen won’t need one to forfeit their Kenyan citizenship. Therefore, you won’t require to be a US citizen to own real estate.

Kenyans living in the US have opted to invest in a foreign country for their children, arguing that it is for the sake of their children who are unfamiliar with Kenya. Some of the kids, therefore, opt to remain in the US for life. What are your thoughts on investing in foreign countries?

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