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Ruto’s Word to Kenyans in Diaspora

Peter Musila 3 weeks ago

The deputy president William Ruto called for creating a state department tasked with addressing affairs of Kenyans in Diaspora.

Statistics from Central Bank indicate that Kenyans in the diaspora play a vital role in contributing to the country’s development, sending back home an estimated Sh330 billion a year.

The DP spoke on Sunday via a virtual meeting arranged by a renowned management consultant and strategy expert Eliud Owalo, which brought together Kenyans in different parts of the world.

“We have begun a clear, inclusive and structured engagement with Kenyans abroad to involve them in the transformation of Kenya,” said the Deputy President.

Dr. Ruto added that the plans would enable Kenyans in the diaspora to concretize goals of making Kenya a better and fairer country for all.

Dr. Ruto stated that a platform would be created for all Kenyans in Diaspora to join the conversation to achieve a common goal.

“We will advance the deliberation to configure our politics to issues, policies and programs,” he argued.

During the meetings, Kenyans in Diaspora pointed out that they would want to be involved in the decision-making of political, social, and economic matters.

Also, they asked for the creation of a particular investment diaspora bond, friendly and speedy acquisition of passports, protection of their investments, among others.

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