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Top CNN International Journalist Praises Kenya’s Vibrant Economy

Joseph 3 years ago

By Moses Adongo

Celebrated CNN International journalist Richard Quest has lauded Kenya for providing a conducive environment for both the local and foreign business community. Quest, however, warned that the country’s election process posed a significant challenge to the economy.
He was speaking to the recurrent violence witnessed in the country after each general election as well as its never unending politicking, which he believes scares business people.
“Kenya is a wonderful place to do business up until there is an election,” Quest said during an interview with Capital FM.
He believes that proper government policy is the only solution to the troubles experienced during the country’s election sphere, giving reference to the Brexit situation in United Kingdom.
The top CNN International anchor also believes that the only way to rectify tribulations facing national carrier Kenya Airways (KQ), is by having the government to get out of the way. He also revealed that he would be joining the 468 passengers on KQ’s inaugural flight to the US on Sunday, October 28.
Quest marveled at the vibrancy of the Kenyan economy, exuding his delight at the M- Pesa innovation. He urged Kenyans to take advantage of the many investors from around the world who are willing to support sustainable business ideas.
He, however, challenged the government to look differently at same-sex marriage if it has to attract the best talents in the world.
“I merely say that in this day and age, if you want to succeed, if you want Kenya to be a thriving, vibrant modern economy, you are going to look at this in a different way and ask yourself what is it about these very successful places that we need to try at least to attract,” he said.
While admitting that he was unapologetically gay, Quest insisted that he respected those who had a different opinion about same-sex marriage.
“I do not for a moment, doubt the sincerity of those people who are against me on this issue. And I can respect their point of view,” he added.
The Quest Means Business show host jetted into the country on Monday morning and has so far met prominent personalities including world champion Eliud Kipchoge and radio gurus Shaffie Weru and Maina Kageni.

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