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Taxify Ride Finally Available in Google Maps

Author 3 years ago

By Moses Adongo

Ride-hailing app Taxify has today revealed that users will now be able to get an estimate, duration, and fare for a ride in Google Maps next to other ride-sharing services.
To access the new services, customers will be required to launch Google Maps on their smartphones and search for a destination. They will then need to tap on ‘Directions’ option and open the rides services tab next to the familiar car, public transit, biking, and walking options. The tab will show on screen information about how close the rides are as well as an estimate of the trip fare. The users will finish booking the ride by selecting Taxify as their method of transport and tapping on the ‘Open app’ option.
“Having Taxify be a part of the transit options on Google Maps will make it easier for users to decide on the best way to move around in Sydney and Melbourne, and we’re excited to roll out this feature in Australia. Riders will be able to quickly compare estimated arrival times as well as fares, which will ultimately help people save both time and money,” noted Shivachi Muleji, Taxify General Manager East Africa.
Shivachi added that the app’s rides in Google maps would roll globally with 16 countries including Kenya already on the radar.

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