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Tuskys Change Tack as Curfew Knocks

Peter Musila 1 year ago

Tusker Mattresses has confirmed its operations readiness to comply with the presidential curfew order commencing Friday evening.

Following the National Security Council sanctioning and issuance of the Public Order Number 1 on the Coronavirus Pandemic, the retailer has made various changes, adjusting its staffing, supply chain, and logistics being among them in a bid to make operations easier.  

Speaking about the same, Tusker Mattresses Group CEO Dan Githua stated changes of the staff, supply, and restocking staff is to have essential products such as milk, bread, and vegetables available for customers on time. 

With the introduction of curfew in the country, the retailer has stated their doors will be closing at 6 pm and open at 7 am. Still, they will continue processing orders placed on its alternative channels round the clock.

To make it easy for the customer, the retailer has incorporated Glovo and Sendy for home deliveries with clients placing their orders through the firm’s online retail portal www.Tuskys.dpo.store

“Across our Tusky’s network, we have developed localized operating procedures to be applied during the curfew period as an adjustment to our COVID-19 retail operations contingency plan,” Githua said, adding that, “These procedures provide the necessary safeguards and convenience for all our stakeholders including staff, suppliers and customers.”

Last week, Tuskys, in collaboration with UBER EATS, launched “Kibanda Menu” for home deliveries and is on offer in-store at selected branches.

“Our customers have been providing great insights on touchpoints we can use to ease the existing COVID-19 challenges in relation to retail services, and we are actively responding,” Githua said, adding that: “At Tuskys, we have deepened our efforts to develop the home deliveries solution which will now be serviced by commission agents complemented by Sendy, our logistics solutions provider.”

“At Tuskys, we are sparing no effort to provide practical interventions as part of our commitment to ease the social challenges arising from the COVID-19 threat,” Githua said, adding that, “Extraordinary times call for extraordinary responses and use of never-used options such as the WhatsApp platform which we are using for the first time.”

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