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The UK to Extend Visas and Permits to Stuck Foreigners

Peter Musila 1 year ago

The United Kingdom is set to provide temporary visa extension to all the foreigners currently stuck in the country due to coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Kenyan High Commission in London, immigrants whose visas or permits expired as from January 24th 2020 will need not to worry as their visas stand an extension.

The previously imposed travel restrictions by various states across the globe have seen citizens stuck in foreign countries after the outbreak of the covid-19. Kenyans in the UK were affected too.

However, those whose visas were expiring between January 24th and May 31st, 2020 and do not wish to stay in the UK in the long-term have been asked to contact the Coronavirus Immigration Team (CIT).

“For individuals who cannot leave the UK due to travel restrictions or self-isolation and wish to stay in the UK in the long-term (students, employees, and a person on medical visa) and who would ordinarily need to apply for a visa from their home country, the Home Office will allow in-country application from within the UK,” read the statement.

“However, the individuals must meet requirements for the visa/permit for which they are applying for, make a valid application, and pay the requisite fees. This will make their stay in UK lawful until a determination of their visa application.”

“The Home Office will allow this for persons whose visa/permits have expired between January 24th 2020 to May 31st 2020. This includes persons who have already had their visa/leave auto-extended to March 31st 2020.”

Last week, British Airways opened up a small number of additional flights from Nairobi to London in a bid to evacuate British nationals. British High commissioner Jane Marriot has thanked the Kenyan government for enabling the country to evacuate its citizens to the UK.

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