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Return Home or Be Stuck, US Government Urges its Citizens Overseas

Peter Musila 1 year ago

The US government on Monday pleaded with citizens living out of the country to consider jetting back as soon as possible or risk getting stuck due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The State Department officials urged the citizens abroad to seize this opportunity as the state is willing to make arrangements and ensure they return home with ease.

“We do not know how long commercial flights will remain available, nor do we know how long the US government will be able to facilitate additional flights, where commercial options no longer exist,” said Ian Brownlee, the State Department’s principal deputy secretary in the Bureau of Consular Affairs.

“It is therefore imperative that US citizens make plans now to avail themselves of these options.” He added, saying that citizens who will fail to use the opportunity should be ready to shelter in place indefinitely.

According to Brownlee, the state through the department has facilitated for over 25,000 Americans from over 50 nations in the past. The country has set aside additional 100 flights set to evacuate over 9,000 citizens who have already requested for help in a week.

 “We are seeing more US citizens decide to stay abroad and ride out this crisis where they are. If people decide not to take advantage of these flights now, they will also need to hunker down where they are,” said Brownlee.

“Our consular officers at home and abroad are working around the clock to bring home as many Americans as possible,” he added.

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