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Editors Reflection on COVID-19

simon 1 year ago

“Imagine for a moment you were brought up in a mafia family chances are some of us would be dead or in prison. These people did not make a choice, fate had it for them. Now imagine we were brought up in Rome some 2000 years ago. Being a terminator would probably have been a very good job. Tens of thousands would have died in an entertainment extravaganza and would have been normal.

Back to reality. We have become dependent on social media in today’s world. But just for one moment switch off and imagine the alternative. All you have is taken away including family, cars, houses, land money. Somehow you would find a way to survive. But like ants building an anthill we are like molecules dependent on one another. We would find it hard to survive on our own.

We must seek other positive avenues to empower one another to survive this pandemic.

“We may try use some shortcuts in life but God is the only valid shortcut. Seek Him and He will help you define life.”

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