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Microsoft Launches Artificial Intelligence Whitepaper in Kenya to Aid Economic Growth

Peter Musila 2 years ago

Microsoft launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Kenya in partnership with Strathmore University and is set to offer a great potential on financial services, agriculture, healthcare services, and public services streamlining.

Microsoft which has been making essential strides as far as artificial intelligence, popularly known as AI is concerned, seeks to boost awareness around the new frontier that AI will bring to Kenya.

“We are thrilled to be working with Strathmore and Access partnership to create awareness in Kenya, showcasing Microsoft’s role as an ally for stakeholders within the Kenya corporate sphere and ensuring citizens can benefit from the full potential that AI technologies bring with it,” Ahmed El Sawwi, Government affairs manager, Microsoft Middle East, and Africa.”

Director for Intellectual property and information technology law at Strathmore, Dr. Isaac Rutenberg as he expressed the commitment shown by the institution to champion the launch said,

“Strathmore has always aimed to be at the forefront of issues that impact the country at large. Digital transformation and AI are topics that need to be unpacked in a favorable space, bringing stakeholders, government officials, policymakers together for knowledge sharing.”

Microsoft addressed the Ethical use of AI in its AI for Africa Whitepaper, which has raised the controversy on its potential to be misused in the technological sector saying that its development “must ensure that the industry brings to our societies and our economies the most significant benefits possible while safeguarding privacy rights.”

However, technology does come with its challenges. Speaking during the event, Mr. Sawwi expressed his fear saying that, despite jobs being created, different skills to manage the jobs will be required, and this might call for a complete overhaul of the learning sector.

“Over time, technology has proven to be a great job creating machine, many jobs will continue to require uniquely human skills that AI and machines cannot replicate, such as creativity, collaboration, abstract, and systems thinking, complex communication and the ability to work in diverse environments,” part of the AI for Africa whitepaper said.

 Data privacy and security, cybersecurity, digital strategy, cloud adoption initiatives, intellectual property, procurement policies and international harmonization of rules are some of the critical areas in which developers have been asked to emphasize on.

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