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KENCTAD 6th Conference Enticing Offers Wins them more Participants

Jacquiline 2 years ago

KENCTAD conference, a platform that aims at connecting entrepreneurs with knowledge and opportunities in government, academia and the private sector, kicked off earlier today in Nairobi.

The quarterly conference brought together keynote speakers and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds all sharing a common interest building in their businesses to the next level.

To prove the importance and power of partnership, the event organizers partnered with two transport companies to ferry the participants on free rides or on discounted offers.

SWVL, a new player in the public transport industry in Kenya carried participants from Nairobi CBD early in the morning, to the conference venue along Karuna road, Westlands. www.kenya2uhub was among the first websites to share more about SWVL.

The other transport partner is Safe Boda who have offered the participants a promo code valid for the two days of the conference worth sh300. This is however accessible upon downloading their app, signing up for an account and asking for a boda ride just like on uber and taxify platforms.

Betty Korir, CEO of Credit Bank, shed more light on the importance of SMEs in driving the Kenyan Economy noting that they contribute 3-6% of the GDP.

The Credit Bank CEO highlighted that their financial institution is SME focused and it is quite flexible in offering solutions to startups.

Popote Pay’s Managing Director, Muchiri Wambugu was also among the panelists and he was able to share about the Popote Pay system which is quite an important tool that starpups should consider incorporating in their businesses.

The Fintech player offers a revolutionary payments & expense management solution that replaces traditional methods, resulting in more control, less risks & better work life balance.

The MD emphasized on the need of businesses to stay informed and flow with the industry trends citing an example of how mobile money services are mostly used in the fintech industry than traditional services.

The two-day event ending tomorrow will culminate with awarding certificates to the participants.

Check upcoming posts on detailed content of the highlighted products and services.


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