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Government to Set-up Credit Guarantee Scheme to Boost SME’s Credit Access

Peter Musila 2 years ago

Deputy President William Ruto stated that the government is much committed to addressing challenges facing the small and medium-sized businesses in the country.

In a statement, the DP cited on the move by the government to set up a Credit Guarantee Scheme as announced on Thursday last week by President Uhuru Kenyatta set to benefit SME’s. The Credit Guarantee Scheme will play a key role in ensuring the SME’s have quick access to credit.

The Deputy President said that the government is keen on making small and medium-sized enterprises expand and flourish hence creating more job opportunities for the youth.

“It is the business of the government to ensure that ventures that generate employment and income for the people grow. Apart from making them access credit, we will also pursue policies that would create a conducive environment for them to expand,” said Ruto.

Legislatures who had accompanied the DP, said that they fully support the Big Four Agenda and that they would go further to push for the realization of the agenda as elected leaders.

Ruto urged the elected leaders to join hands with the government in ensuring that the rights of legitimate businesses are protected and respected in the country.

Mr. Kanyi had asked Dr. Ruto to fast-track government interventions in addressing the challenges faced by traders in the City, citing the plight of Nyamakima traders.

“It is the goal of the government to ensure that every business person from the lowest to the highest level has ample space to do business,” he said.

The DP highlighted on the need for leaders to work together towards creating a development-based politics.

“The realization of the Big Four is dependent on the political stability of this country. Our unity as leaders is its fulcrum. It is therefore impossible for leaders to engage in endless politics that would not be of value to Kenyans,” he explained.

On matters politics, the DP cautioned his party members on the need of being vigilant accusing the Opposition of laying failure traps.

“They do not have a development track-record or an agenda for this country. They are disintegrated, and with self-interest,” said the DP.

The MPs pledged to work with the government in addressing the needs of the people.

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