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Jacquiline 3 years ago

Mr Gichangi selling the Safaricom investment co-operative to the diaspora in London

Safaricom Investment Co-operative(SIC) assists you to do this by helping you across the entire process of identifying, purchasing and securing title to some of the best parcels of real property in areas poised for massive growth as per current developments.
The Co-operative activities include Real estate development, Buying and selling of land, Value addition on land parcels, Commercial farming and Trading in equity and money markets.
SIC has achieved quite a lot, among them, in 2013, a lot of work progressed from real estate development to trading in equity and money markets, raising the bar from previous years.
Kenyans living abroad now have a trustworthy partner in Safaricom Investment Co-operative to aid in investing back home worry free.
They have defined a portfolio of investments that helps the members not only get a return on their investment, but also be at home while investing back home.
Over the years, they have partnered with many Kenyans in Diaspora and helped them realize their dreams to own an apartment or a piece of land here in Kenya.
Safaricom Investment Co-operative prides in making its members’ dreams come.

Visit SIC for more.

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