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KCB Diaspora Services

Jacquiline 3 years ago

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) is among the few Kenyan financial institutions that have gone beyond borders to serve Kenyans at the comfort of their country of residence. KCB Diaspora Banking provides products that allow Kenyans to have a complete financial connection to home regardless of where they are in the world.

Their bouquet of Diaspora Banking products and services that offers safe and convenient money management include accounts, mortgage, insurance, investment products, money transfer and Islamic banking.

The Diaspora Accounts covers all of your needs ranging from Goal Account, Tuungane Chama / Investments Group Account, Student Account Student Account, Junior Account, Investment Account, Transactional Account and Current Account. As a KCB client in diaspora, you can therefore save, invest or even perform your day to day transactions with so much convenience.

With over 120 years’ experience, the bank has tailor made mortgage for Kenyans in diaspora to enable them own a residential or commercial property as well as land.

The team prides itself in offering loans with the best and most competitive interest rates in Kenya: KES – 14%; USD – 10.5%; GBP – 9%; Commercial property – 17%.

A Kenyan passing on while abroad leaves a huge financial responsibility to the family and friends to cater for the funeral costs but this can be made easy through KCB’s Death and Funeral cover. There are also other insurance products to choose from including Emergency Medical cover, Personal Accident cover and Inbound Travel cover.

Kenyans living abroad can confidently make secure and profitable investments effortlessly with guidance from the banks financial experts. The products include fixed deposit, T-Bills and Stock Market Investment.

Diaspora remittances in Kenya involve huge sums largely contributing to the country’s growth and development according to CBK. KCB has strategic partnerships to enable Kenyans in Diaspora to conveniently send money to family and friends back home through any of its over 250 branches.

Some KCB partners in money transfer include KCB Swift Transfer, WorldRemit, Tranfast, SimbaPay, Xpress Money, Western Union, MoneyGram and Ria Money Transfer.

Ultimately, Islamic banking has also been put in consideration and includes current accounts, transactional accounts, saving accounts, business banking and financing facilities.


For information and account application contact:

Simon Muracia

Email: muracia@gmail.com

Phone: 07702184152.

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