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Understanding Organic Farming and its Advantages

Peter Musila 2 years ago

Thinking about going organic? Organic foods have become more popular and more accessible to locate than ever in the last couple of years.

Home gardeners have always known the joy of fresh, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables, but now even those without the time or inclination to maintain a garden can find organic produce, beef, and poultry in their local grocery stores and through other outlets.

Not so long ago, one would probably be very frustrated if they went in search for organic apples or carrots, but as more people have become increasingly concerned with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the demand for organic foods has risen considerably. Organic produce delivery has become quite popular for busy households.

People who are interested in being healthy should eat uncontaminated food, free from toxic metals, pesticides and the residue from antibiotic drugs fed to meat animals.

With this knowledge, it is not surprising that the organic food sector is slowly growing farming and agriculture economy and more people are going organic.

Seven chemicals, in particular, are used on our crops that are known to be difficult or impossible for the body to expel.

Not only are we eating these pesticide-laden foods, but they are fed to the meat animals that we also use for food. When we eat these animals, we get another dose of these chemicals.

Organic food must meet certain standards in order to be certified as organic:

  • No growth hormones may be used.
  • No chemical pesticides are to be used for three years before the present year’s growing season.
  • No human waste or sewage sludge can be used as fertilizer.
  • No genetic modification of any description will be tolerated.

In simpler terms, organic food must be produced as it was back on your grandfather’s farm.

Grandpa knew many ways to manage to grow a bumper crop of vegetables and fruit without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. His cattle, pigs, and chickens ate good, clean grain that was not laced with hormones to make them grow faster and fatter and produce more meat, milk, and eggs. They were not confined in tiny cages and stalls for their entire short lifespan.

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