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Effects of Land Fragmentation on Productivity

Peter Musila 2 years ago

Agriculture has always been an essential sector in Kenya which is serving 85% of the population either directly or indirectly that placed the smallholder farmers as a central focus of development policies and strategies.

In Kenya, a large number of its citizens depend on the crops they grow and the animals they keep for their livelihoods and survival. Much of the country is classified as arid or semi-arid.

The increased frequency of drought and competition over scarce water resources, coupled with the outbreak of animal disease, has left pastoralists especially vulnerable to hunger.

However, the yields have been decreasing due to farmers practicing land fragmentation over time.

Generally, land fragmentation is a universal trait of all agricultural systems which affects farmland productivity.
So why should farmers refrain from land fragmentation?

Due to fragmentation of land, it becomes hard to mechanize agriculture which poses a significant challenge to the country’s food security. Farmers need not to fragment their land since we are moving towards mechanized farming.

Therefore, farmers will need to diversify in their farming activities due to the ever-changing climate among other challenges facing cereal farming.
In Kenya, cereal farming is becoming expensive with time due to the high cost of farm inputs.

Farmers will need to come up with ways to mitigate and adapt, and the best way to do this is to shift and diversify farming by planting crops which can adjust to the changing weather patterns.

There is also the need for the higher learning institutions to do more research in the agriculture sector to come up with more varieties which suit different climatic changes in a bid to curb food shortage in the country.

Introduction of new technologies to farmers will be of significant use as they will be able to increase production, reduce after harvest loses and value addition to their crops.

Source: https://www.hindawi.com/journals/aag/2017/4509605/

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