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Advantages of Fish Pond Farming Business

Peter Musila 3 years ago

Wild fish stocks in western Kenya are dwindling. Lake Victoria is suffering from overfishing, and tilapia, the most popular freshwater fish in Kenya, is becoming scarce.

This calls for the need for fish production in freshwater ponds to help protect Lake Victoria’s strained resources and provide a growing population with a sustainable source of fish.

Dr. Joseph Muga, a farmer who pioneered lockable fish ponds published a book. The book guides farmers on how to make the ponds themselves and how to use technology.

Titled ‘How to construct and rear fish in lockable fish ponds,’ explains what the ponds are about and their benefits.

“The book provides guidelines on materials to be used during construction, specifications required for constructing as well as how to construct the pond,” Dr. Muga explained.

Advantages of the ponds include curbing theft and predators; preventing fish losses due to floods and drought; flexibility in selecting pond site; convenience of rearing fish at home including on the veranda and possibility of moving the pond from one location to another.

The book also addresses issues such as stocking levels, feeding, maintaining optimum temperature in a lockable pond and how to increase the amount of oxygen absorbed by pond water.

Kenya has an estimated 80,000 ponds throughout the country with a production of over 22,000 metric tonnes.

Fish farming in ponds are now a significant source of income for thousands of Kenyans contributing 2% of the national fish production

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