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Public Execution and Firing Squad: the Answer to Kenya’s Corruption

Jacquiline 3 years ago

By Alex Kamau

President Kenyatta is a well-meaning man but a weak leader. Our country is today confronted by a malaise and plunder which unless stopped will consume the country alive.

Undoubtedly, all countries are corrupt to some degree. The Kenyan corruption is unique in its savagery and gluttony. The tragedy of corruption is that it is the weakest that bear its blunt. Those who loot go on to become Governors, Senators, MPs and Cabinet Secretaries; further impregnating their impunity and providing a lucrative incentive for others to steal.

We have reached the inflection point. Without immediate care, corruption will first destroy President Kenyatta, then the Jubilee government and tragically Kenya. The first two we can afford. The third we CANNOT. Our choice is clear: Sit by and do nothing or take drastic measures to restore sanity. The politicians have completely FAILED. The Judiciary remains a sanctuary for the corrupt (anticipatory bail, bribes etc.). Not even British or American courts can issue anticipatory bail. It would be obstruction of justice – a very serious crime in these countries. Securing a conviction for an individual who has stolen billions is impossible in Kenya where justice is a tradable commodity. The looters can afford the best lawyers in town; including the judges; and can compromise the investigative agencies and the police.

Evidently democracy, freedom and the rule of law have failed in Kenya. The prosperity that all Kenyans aspire to may just like those of South Korea, Singapore and Rwanda require force and unpleasant limitation on freedoms to achieve. Out of my great love for Kenya my country, I suggest the president takes unconventional and unpopular measures to save the country and himself. We can happily do without the looters holding over 45 million Kenyans ransom through plunder and corruption. Ghana executed its corrupt in the 1970s and is today one of the lesser corrupt countries in Africa. Paul Kagame sent the fear of death through Rwanda after the 1994 genocide. Rwanda a country once unworthy to undo Kenya’s laces is now one of our serious competitors for investors – orderly and less corrupt.

Since President Kenyatta has the command and respect of the military and the National Intelligence, I suggest he uses both to permanently rid Kenya of these gangsters.  They are well known. Have them summarily executed at Uhurupark with the event televised live countrywide. This sends fear and shivers across the land, permanently making corruption MOST unattractive. A new Kenya starts immediately. President Kenyatta accomplishes his Big 4 agenda; with zero theft of public resources. He secures his legacy. He is remembered as the decisive president who dealt with, rather than talked about corruption.  Alternatively he can sit back and be remembered as the incompetent Prince who squandered 10 years and bequeathed a ruined country to future generations.

As President Vladimir Putin of Russia and Paul Kagame have shown, citizens are willing to put up with a ruthless and undemocratic but competent and effective leader. They LOATH a weak and good democrat. President Kenyatta has to choose which group to belong to.

Alex Kamau© akkamotho@yahoo.co.uk

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