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Alternative Construction Materials to Build your Dream Home

Peter Musila 6 months ago

If you are researching alternative building methods, this post is for you. Maybe you have a piece of land, and you are getting ready to build a house, maybe you would like to build your own home in the future, or maybe you are just curious.

Whatever the reason is, I am happy you are here. This post will give you an overview of all the alternative building methods that I found when doing my research. Then, you can decide which one you want to learn more about.

Have you realized that the government is considering using alternative building technologies in a bid for them to accelerate the realization of the affordable housing agenda in the country?

According to the Principal Secretary, innovative building technologies like Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) panels are as good as brick and mortar and will ensure that projects are much faster and cheaper.

Before you start doing something, understanding the available options is critical. Just doing it the conventional way because everyone else is doing it this way doesn’t work for me.

Expanded Polystyrene Panels (EPS)

Like discussed above, this kind of technology is currently being adopted in the country. It uses cheaper materials than conventional stones, yet they are strong enough to withstand bullet and improvised explosive device attacks.

Compressed Agriculture Fiber

This kind of technology began in the 1940s in Sweden and the UK. It was preferred in housing where many houses were rebuilt in Europe. International Green Structures (IGS), who happen to be the pioneers of this technology, have their offices in the country for more assistance.

Appropriate Building Materials and Technologies (ABMT)

This is an alternative that the Kenyan government reviewed while it was drumming up for alternative options. The Ministry of Housing was to set up a regional center for ABMT in Mavoko, Machakos County, as this type of technology lowers the cost, is safe, environmental-friendly, and investors have value for their money.

By the way, construction materials can take over 60% of your whole project’s construction cost. Hence, why experts are advocating for intensive and extensive adoption of innovation and technology to reduce the cost. So, which of the above do you think you can consider in your next project?

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