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United Kingdom Announces Plans to Extend Kenyan Student Visas

Peter Musila 2 years ago

The United Kingdom Commissioner to Kenya, Nic Hailey, last week made a statement that UK government had made changes on their immigration laws allowing Kenyan students in the country to extend their visas.

The Commissioner made the remarks while at a meeting with Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday, adding that this will allow the students to seek for internships, and industrial attachments in the country once their study period lapses.

“It is through attachments and internships that best practices and innovations are hatched,” said Hailey during the meeting at Ruto’s Karen office.

“As such, the student visa extension would be an important consideration to fill into our new immigration laws,” the consular added.

The ties between the two countries have grown tremendously during Nic Hailey’s last four-year tenure.

“The past four years have seen many British companies expanding their presence in Kenya, generating thousands of jobs,” he said.

The Director for Joint International Counter-Terrorism Unit in the UK Home Office, Jane Marriott, is to take over from Nic as he is to leave the country soon.

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