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UK Unleashes Tough Measures on Kenya Graft Lords

Peter Musila 2 years ago

The United Kingdom will deny visas to all the Kenyans involved in corruption-related cases, Outgoing British High Commissioner to Kenya Nic Hailey says.

Hailey added that such people would not be given room to conduct any business with the United Kingdom.

While on an interview with local news outlets, he said that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) should ensure they supply them with the list of all the people involved in corruption for the UK to add them in their blacklist.

“EACC should provide us with a list of those implicated in corruption so that we can stop them from traveling to the UK,” said Hailey.

According to Hailey, the UK will be on the frontline in helping bodies such as EACC and Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in coming up with extreme cases against the graft lords.

“Corruption cases take a lot of time before they are presented to court since water-tight evidence is needed. It is to this end that we will seek to help Kenyans fight the vice,” Hailey explained.

“We will push for a shift from conducting meetings on how to solve corruption, to taking decisive actions.”

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