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UK Bids Farewell to H.E. Lazurus Amayo

simon 4 years ago

By Jacquiline Wahu

The Kenya Society answered an invitation to the House of Commons by Hon. Jeremy Lefroy yesterday in a session that bid farewell to the outgoing Kenyan High Commissioner, H.E Lazarus Amayo.


In his speech, the Chairman of All Party Parliamentary Group on Kenya & the Member of Parliament for Stafford said that Kenya and UK must work together in job a livelihood creation. He added that efforts are underway to ensure job creation around the world which will be the main agenda in Washington conference in April.

Despite acknowledging challenges faced, H.E. Amayo boasted of the infrastructural development projects that the government of Kenya has implemented. He highlighted the construction of Eastern and Southern bypasses that have eased traffic jam, making it faster to get to the airport.

In response to a comment on brain drain, the outgoing envoy clarified that, except for a few Kenyans who get jobs in the UK and probably required by their institutions to remain there, majority of Kenyans after studying abroad go back to Kenya to work.

In other remarks, he will remain in his official capacity and looks forward to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference in April 2018.

H.E. Lazarus Amayo was reassigned to the Permanent Mission of the United Nations in New York earlier this year by the President of the Republic of Kenya.

Photos by: KEN Face of Kenya Connect

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