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Tony Blair Institute for Global Change to Boost African Tech Startups

Peter Musila 1 month ago

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (TBI) and Katapult, a Norwegian accelerator, have teamed up to support African impact-tech startups.

TBI has been collaborating with Rwanda’s government since 2008 to provide political leaders and governments with the tools they need to create open, inclusive, and prosperous societies in a globalized world.

Katapult, on the other hand, is an impact acceleration and investment firm with 15 African firms in its portfolio. As part of its relationship with TBI, Katapult is launching an agri-tech accelerator in Kigali.

Funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad), a directorate under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the project will support tech startups in Africa and an investor network through accelerator and investor training programs.

“I am delighted that TBI is partnering with Katapult to support Rwanda’s agri-tech startups and to build an investor network to help these businesses thrive and grow,” said TBI’s executive director for Africa Rishon Chimboza.

“Scalable businesses can play a vital role in Africa’s economic future, and given the right support, with public and private sectors working together, they can grow rapidly.”

According to Tharald Nustad, founder and owner of Katapult, the project intends to help create new jobs, stimulate economic development, and offer finance for new and innovative food security solutions.

“The timing for scalable tech solutions is now, and with fast-growing urbanization, a tech-savvy young population, we are ready to build the future of tech business from Rwanda,” he said.

“We both share the belief that building rapidly scalable businesses in collaboration with both public and private parties is one of the best ways to solve the grand challenges the world is facing.”

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