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Tallulah Mbangweta Wins Face of Kenya (FOK) UK 2019

Jacquiline 2 years ago
Tallulah(Winner seated) with other Contestants and Janet Wainana (In green-golden gown), the Founder& Director FOK

The winner of FOK UK 2019 was announced yesterday during FOK event at Copthorne Tara Hotel in London, UK.

Ms Tallulah Mbangweta, who emerged victorious during the 7th anniversary of FOK UK is a Law student at University of Reading. She expresses herself as one who loves acting, singing and just exploring her creative side.

However, she is also passionate about societal problems, one being Mental Health that greatly affects her generation. She believes the problem has not been dealt with properly in households of African descent, due to minimal reception and poor understanding of it.

Attributing this to lack of information and the belief that mental health is not equally important like other aspects of one’s health.

She prides herself in her Charity of Choice known as Women Peace Network which supports the elderly through community outreach programs. This is inspired by the changing family values and urbanization which has led to many elderly parents being left behind in rural areas without families to look after them like it used to be traditionally.

Notably, Kenya has about 1.5 million people aged over 60yrs.

Women Peace Network fill this gap by collaborating with stakeholders to ensure the elderly get adequate health care (home based care) and get improved nutrition through food security and shelter.

The director of Kenya2U Ltd, Simon Muracia, posted his congratulations remarks to his niece on Facebook, where he termed her as not only beautiful but also intelligent and inspirational.

Tallulah(FOK 2019 Winner) with Simon Muracia (Director, Kenya2U)

“In one of her presentations, Tallulah attributed her success and motivation to her mom’s inspiration Karen Njuguna. Her charity of choice reflected on her mum’s journey to the diaspora and learning to give back to those were left behind” he wrote.

Mr Muracia further called for support towards his nieces cause in supporting the elderly and most vulnerable and termed is as a worthy cause.
Over £5000 was raised to support more than seven different charities with the funds expected to go a long way in changing lives and inspiring many.

FOK not only offers young people a mentorship platform to become responsible men and women but also plays a key role in saving lives and giving many a second chance in life through charity initiatives.


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