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South-East Asia Vows to Return Trailers of Trash to the US and Europe.

Peter Musila 2 years ago

Indonesia has issued notice on its next move to return dozens of shipping containers full of waste to their countries of origin.

The movement which was triggered by the feeling that the country was serving as the westerns dumping grounds will see 49 containers full of garbage, plastic waste and hazardous materials taken back to the United States, Australia, France, Germany and Hong Kong, citing that they violated the import rules.

“We are coordinating the with the importer to process their return immediately,” customs office spokesman Sumarna said.

This comes a month barely after Jakarta returned five containers of trash to the United States. The country is now among other South Asian countries which are working to change the narrative of being used as the western countries damping grounds by returning containers full of waste to their source.

Previously, the waste of the world has been highly gathering on south-east Asia shores, creating unwanted rubbish in the ports of the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam.

From the current turn of event, other Asian countries have vowed to collect and send back the trash to their origin-Europe and the US.

The problem began for south-east Asia in early 2018 after China stopped accepting plastic waste and recycling from the rest of the world due to environmental concerns.

China used to import and process half of the world’s plastic exports, paper and metals with the inclusion of enough rubbish from the United Kingdom to fill 10,000 Olympic swimming pools until the wake of the ban is when things started crumbling down.

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