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Launch Complaints Reviewer Office for Land Complaints, New Bill Proposes

Peter Musila 1 year ago

A new bill seeking to amend the Land Registrations Act has been proposed. The Land Registration (Amendment) Bill 2020 is seeking to have amendments done to the Land Registration Act No. 3 of 2012 (the LRA) and introduce a new complaints mechanism.

The bill wants a forum launched for affected people to be able to lodge their complaints concerning land registration and survey services. The panel will help in improving service delivery of the land registration and survey to the public.

 New amendments to the LRA are considered vital as they will help in the provision of complaining mechanism to the public which will apply to both the Land Registration Act No. 3 of 2012 (the LRA)

The Complaints Reviewer office proposed in the bill will receive, process and settle all complaints relating to land registration and surveying lodged by the public, recommend actions, provide advisory opinions or proposals on the improvement of processes and procedures, maintain a register and keep a file of all complaints, including proceedings and determinations, submit quarterly and annual reports to the Cabinet Secretary on the complaints investigated, remedial actions recommended and matters about the Complaints Reviewer’s office, and determine the frequency of meetings, sittings, and venues.

“In the event, the bill passes into law, the complaints mechanism will grant the public an avenue to raise their concerns in a forum that will help the land and survey processes improve service delivery,” says law firm Dentons HHM.

Therefore, the Complaints Reviewer will not be able to make decisions on matters concerning Lands Registry and Director of Survey, and the employment and recruitment of staff in the Lands Registry and Survey of Kenya or any other issue that is subject to legal process and proceedings.

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