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France Embassy in Kenya Frustrates Govt’s Fight against COVID19

Peter Musila 1 year ago

A row is simmering between Kenya’s Ministry of Health and the French Embassy in Kenya over what the fight against coronavirus in Kenya.

The row was brought about by the evacuation of nine French nationals from the country via the use of KLM flight on Sunday night. MOH has raised concerns stating that such actions are against the set measured for lockdown.

Of those evacuated are three diplomats said to either had jetted in recently or had close contact with infected people.

According to source at the French Embassy, two French nationals who had tested positive in Nairobi based private laboratory were not included last week’s statistics as the government did not verify their tests as protocols dictate. The French Chancery negated.

According to the source, some diplomats whose health status was in question sought for shelter at the French Chancery and hence risking more lives. The government couldn’t validate their results as required.

“The director-general has been in talks with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find a solution to this because it is a delicate balancing act for Kenya as it tries to abide by international regulations while containing this virus,” the source told Daily Nation.

“The Embassy of France respects Kenyan directives regarding coronavirus and has no comment about these allegations.” Said a spokesman at the French Embassy in Kenya denying the claims.

According to the Vienna Convention of 1961, Kenya lacks legal Mandate over French Mandate not unless its ambassador authorizes. Therefore, Kenya can do less to enforce its set regulations to the embassy staff.

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