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New Technology to Tell You When Your Gas is Running Out

Author 3 years ago

By Moses Adongo

With perpetual gas pulsing in the middle of cooking, families can now avoid this experience after a Kenyan student developed an App to address the bad encounters.

Henry Onyango, a fifth-year undergraduate student at Technical University of Kenya (TUK), has developed an app that will provide users with timely data their gas consumption. Besides, the application will provide information from legit vendors licensed to supply families with gas from known manufacturers.

It protects users from fraudsters as it enables legit gas manufacturers to list their vendors on the application’s platform.

“I got inspired to develop the app from what was a painful experience. “I was cooking ugali for my dinner when my gas ran out without warning. It was late, and none of my neighbors picked my calls to help me out. That when the idea struck me. I was in the fourth year then,” says Onyango who specializes in Automation and Control at TUK.

Onyango’s innovation integrates a physical system and a mobile application in which all information is relayed in time to gas manufacturers and households. The physical part includes a microcontroller, a Wi-Fi module and load cell where the gas cylinder is placed to measure its weight.

The load cell also converts data in gram units to electronic signals that it wires through the Wi-Fi module to an online database. The users, however, have control on the duration within which the data is picked.

“One is also able to know what month they spend the most gas and are therefore able to plan This is to help with budgeting at home.,” says the 25-year-old.

Onyango has already sold his idea to top gas manufactures which he reveals are already warming up to it as it looks to protect their brands from conmen who pose as their agents.

Dr. Ojenge Winston, who is a lecturer at the university, has applauded the innovation saying would provide useful data to the energy industry.

“The kind of data generated through the innovation is useful to various groups of people. It will enable the energy industry to gauge the amount of gas used in a given time. It will also help gas manufacturers know the amount of gas they are selling in regards to diverse demographics,” says Dr. Winston.

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