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Author 3 years ago

British Prime Minister on Thursday morning visited Kenya as part of her trip to Africa
that included stops to two powerhouses, South Africa and Nigeria.

Speaking jointly to the nation at Nairobi’s State House, PM May and Kenya’s President Uhuru
Kenyatta exuded confidence in cementing partnership between the two nations through the
signing of different agreements.

During the first visit to Kenya, PM May begun by appreciating the countries vibrancy and
beauty. She revealed that their discussion with President Kenyatta included how United
Kingdom could support the Big Four agenda majorly through investments and aid. ‘UK is
already the largest foreign investor in Kenya and has set up its ambition this week to be the number one G7 investor in Africa by 2022, “said May.

She added that even as Britain prepares to exit the European Union, it has set out a smooth
transition that will ensure continuity in trading relationships with Kenya. The PM also revealed
Britain’s plans to ensure the next generation of energetic and ambitious Kenyans get well-paying
jobs in order to contribute to Kenyan’s long term prosperity.

The two leaders signed a new pact that will see the two nations expand their joint works on
security further. “The UK is no longer training our own military in Kenya, but also with Kenyans
to promote stability in East Africa and beyond,” revealed the PM. She went further to commit to
a new funding to support the African Union mission to Somalia.

She applauded President Kenyatta’s new found commitment to fighting corruption, promising to
stand with him. She revealed that all proceeds of corruption that are invested in Kenya will be
shipped back to the Kenyan people. Promising to support an inclusive building bridges initiative
in Kenya, May congratulated President Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga for the
political reconciliation they showed early this year.

On his part, President Kenyatta said he was pleased a UK prime minister was visiting Kenya
after a long time. The last Britain prime minister to visit Kenya was Margaret Thatcher in 1988.
The president was however optimistic that there would be more visits, adding: “Despite the fact
there hasn’t been a British prime minister, there has always been a constant dialogue between the
two countries, the two governments.”

President Kenyatta also went on to say that Kenya was keen to seek partnership from all over the
world, perhaps referring to his recent visit to US where he met President Donald Trump shortly
before heading to China soon.

The President also exuded confidence that Brexit would not have any major effect on Kenya
saying it will not dent the ability to further strengthen and deepen trade as well as investment
between the two countries.

The British Prime Minister was joined in the visit by a business delegation made up of 29
representatives from UK business. The delegation shows the breadth and depth of British
expertise in infrastructure, technology and financial services.

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