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KCB Investment Forum Feedback .

simon 4 years ago

KCB Report

The primary goal of this workshop was to bring together the diaspora and theKCB executiveprofessionalsaswellasfriendsandpartnersofKCBinanopendialogue,underone rooftodiscusstheissuesfacingournationandtodeveloppossiblestrategiesastohowthe diaspora can become aware and more engaged in initiatives taking place in Kenya.

We believe that our diverse and dynamic group of speakers and panellists provided in depth insight ,  as  well as, actionable and practical tools of engagement models, methods and innovation. We were able to share extensively how we are adapting new ideas that could be utilized to aid the Kenyan Diaspora to become more effective in the on-going development efforts of Kenya in key areas such as: Investment, Banking and Business.

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