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simon 8 years ago

Jumpstart offers not just that Positive edge Most of you are craving for but redefines self Evolution . I believe the Owner seeks to energize your enterprising vision and to help Many who are lucking the motivation to believe in their unique ability. Go For it !!

Africa Venture JumpStart – Just Join In, it’s FREE !

Hi, I am Dr. Harnet Bokrezion, the founder of Africa Business JumpStart. I have lived and worked in Great Britian, Eritrea, and Germany, mostly as an International Development Consultant for Africa. I am now working also as an Africa Business Coach ready to assist you to jumpstart your Africa business focusing in particular on Diaspora Africans. But everyone is welcomed, of course!

The following is From the Site:

Right now, you can seize an amazing lifetime opportunity of being at the right place at the right time: Africa is at present officially the world’s second fastest growing region and the sharp rising demands in this new emerging market can currently not be met efficiently by supply. This situation opens a huge array of business prospects and potential for high financial returns. This frankly means that you can become financially hugely successful in a much shorter period of time – if you get things right. This is a golden opportunity to set up a successful business while serving Africa at the same time, but this window will not be open for too long, so, there is definitely a sense of urgency in it. Foreign companies are now moving in – are we as Africans? The right timing is now and not in a few years down the road.


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