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Jubilee Party Launch

simon 4 years ago

Politics have always defined the Kenyan Political affiliations . The new political affiliation was a bold move to detach politics and tribal alignment . With more than 11 parties agreeing to dissolve and form a single platform .

The three day event attended by delegates from all the political affiliation was carefully choreographed to prevent any challenges . Political maturity is now a big factor to the success of this new outfit . Just a day before parliament had voted In a motion to prevent party hoping .

It was not a surprise to see over 35 sitting MPS joining the new party . ( I am still baffled as how they will be voting in the remainder of the parliament more complex is the status of the new party members in the current sitting as they were not elected in the new party outfit ).

The climax was the official opening of the party offices and the ascent by the President in front of the new party members and witnessed by party followers in huge numbers . In his speech the president is quoted to emphasise on Political inclusive and development conscious ideologies as key to the new formation . Citing the continued success in the jubilee agenda which devolution has played a strong role to inspire . All counties across the nation must be represented in the political and development agenda and the Jubilee outfit would ensure that conclusively. The emphasis couldn’t be clearer when the astute awareness of his Deputy was put into test his knowledge of the politicians who had recently defected from other parties demonstrated political acumen of some sort which was very impressive .

We can only but with the new party the very best as it prepares for the forth coming elections .


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