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Helium Health, a Nigerian company, Launches in Kenya

Peter Musila 2 months ago

Nigerian startup Helium Health, an electronic medical records (EMR) and hospital management information (HMI) systems provider, announced its full suite of products and services in Kenya yesterday.

Helium Health was founded in 2016, and its Electronic Medical Records/Hospital Management Information System (EMR/HMIS) product is widely used in West Africa.

Currently, over 300 healthcare providers and over 5,000 health professionals are using its technology in Nigeria, Senegal, and Ghana.

Helium Health raised $10 million in May 2020 in a Series fundraising round to expand its African. The firm will launch in Kenya in collaboration with three local providers, including Philips Healthcare Technologies.

“We have been planning to expand into Kenya’s thriving health-tech sector since last year, so we’re very excited to be hitting the ground running in 2021, already working with three new local partners to help improve efficiencies and provide a better service to patients.

We believe there is a great opportunity to harness cutting-edge technology to help improve the way healthcare data is gathered and managed across Africa. Therefore, partnering with like-minded healthcare providers and facilities in Kenya is an excellent fit for us,” said Tito Ovia co-founder of Helium Health.

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