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A Restaurant Offering Free Meal to Customers who Switch Off Their Phones

Peter Musila 2 years ago

Smartphone addiction has been on the rise with users spending much of their time browsing and chatting even when working on other duties.

This has led to a restaurant to start offering free meals to all the members who will agree to have their phones taken away during their meals.

According to the restaurant, many people have been busy multitasking, eating while still on their phones, even when with fellow friends and hence the move to have them interact.

Curry Pizza Company, a pizza place in Fresno, California, will be giving customers who agree to their terms a “Talk to Each Other Discount” as they have their phones off.

However, for any member to be able to enjoy this free meal, there are set conditions. They will need to be in a group four or more and with a working smartphone.

In the event that the terms favor them, then a free large pizza will be on their table in which they can choose on whether to devour it or donate to the homeless people.

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