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What Will Investing Look Like After COVID-19?

Peter Musila 11 months ago

A lot of fears, will the world ever be the same after covid19 has passed? What changes are we investors expecting after the pandemic, if any?

I am of the thought that the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak will reverberate through society and our economy for decades to come and will transform the way the world operates for the foreseeable future. Many are quite frightened, yes, changes are always feared.

About the previous occurrences, after any crisis, especially one as widespread and global as this, there will be a change of behavior in human interactions, business interactions, business operations, business conduct, healthcare, the regulatory environment, security, and more. And that assures me that we should expect changes.

Investors have currently adopted the watch and wait approach, closely monitoring how the markets are behaving before tossing a coin. Firms and private sectors have reduced investment expenditure too.  Companies are reducing staff with the country’s unemployment rate doubling due to the pandemic.  Will this change after the curve flattens?

Investing is set to change; previously, small businesses were running on slender finances, but many businesses might sink with the current situation. Larger businesses are expected to struggle but still enjoy the advantage of financial masculinity and cut costs, raise bridge financing, and tap government programs.

Ever thought we could turn our houses to offices? The pandemic lockdown has changed the way we did business, from physical to virtual, which is now a new norm. However, this has accelerated various nations’ desire to build 5G networks; more services will shift online. A big boost.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rein havoc on our lives, hopes need to remain high that will somehow get back to normal. However, no matter how much we yearn for that normalcy, some business aspects will change forever. Businesses should understand this and start working on adaptability to the new normal.

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