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Jacquiline 3 years ago

By Moses Adongo

Located at the stretch of Moi South Lake road, Kongoni Lodge displays itself as a worthy destination for both local and international tourists.

With a name coined from Swahili word for Hartebeest, the facility provides a seamless experience for the wild heart of the great Rift Valley.

Crafted from simple bush stone, local acacia and Olive woods as well as a thatched Makuti roof, the facility exudes a desirable touch of art.

The lodge is an appreciation of calmness, space, and lighting which spreads throughout the compound exuding more beauty in the night. The facility is quite inviting to art lovers where organic interiors match smoothly with the raw African beauty outside apparently inspired by the nature of the hill it sits on.

With both executive and deluxe suites that are befitting family, business and private accommodation, Kongoni lodge compounds 17 cottages including one fully accessible to the physically challenged. The room sizes alone are designed to offer plenty of space to both work and relax if necessary.

Within the rooms is heartwarming pieces of art that sit with other amenities that include, LCD flat TV, spacious two room suite, hot shower bathroom and a large lounge and a dinning.

It also offers an executive conferencing facility with five meeting rooms, one board room and three breakaway rooms. It is fully fledged thus reliable for business getaways.

Other amenities include an all selling restaurant sitting just next to a state-of-the-art swimming pool and a fitness center that also offers pool games. The facilities are set in a manner that provides both redefined luxury as well as refined hospitality.

Secluded on about 30 acres of hill land, the lodge overlooks Oloiden Camping Site and Lake Naivasha and it sits only a few minutes from the Hell’s Gate National Park.

This is besides on site view of wild beasts that wonder on the road sides to the facility. Visitors are therefore able to view and take pictures, at close range, giraffes, warthogs, zebras, antelopes, and hartebeest among others.



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