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Trump’s Agenda for Kenya Outlined

Peter Musila 2 years ago

Donald Trump’s administration will be ready to support Kenya in its the fight against corruption, and fostering unity among Kenyans.

The US will also seek to support projects that will bring about sustainability and self-reliance.

Kyle McCarter, the incoming US ambassador to Kenya  made the remarks on Sunday while speaking to Kenyans living in St. Louis, Missouri. The ambassador added that he will major on supporting projects that will empower Kenyans in the long run.

“America is a generous country, but you always have to ask the question, what am I doing today that will continue if I don’t come back tomorrow. And because we have great respect for the Kenyan people, we are going to invest in them, partner with them so that they can do this on their own,” he said.

“Kenya is poised to be a shining star of democracy in Africa, and the US will continue to be Kenya’s best ally,” the envoy said.

McCarter who is much familiar with Kenya after living in the country with his wife, Victoria doing charity work will be succeeding one of longest serving US ambassadors to Kenya Robert F. Godec.

The incoming ambassador cited on the efforts being made by President Uhuru Kenyatta on fighting corruption saying that the US government was ready to offer a helping hand.

“As the next generation of Kenyan leaders stands up against corruption and better opportunities for the youth, Victoria and I will be by their side,” he said.

He also cautioned Kenyans against allowing differences and pride to come in between them causing separation, but always to celebrate their uniqueness and cultural heritage at all times.

“Hatred, bitterness, arrogance or corruption should not be allowed to get in the way of our national pride and prosperity,” he added.

The occasion was attended at the Christ Covenant Church, a Kenyan church based in Florissant was attended by more than 350 people with the church being the chief organizer of the event.

Source: https://www.nation.co.ke/news/diaspora/New-US-envoy-Kyle-McCarter-outlines-Trump-s-agenda-for-Kenya/2107720-4967160-yp20t5z/index.html

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