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Why Social Media Provides Ideal Market for Property Search

Author 3 years ago

By Moses Adongo

The advent of e-commerce and mobile money platforms is the latest game changers in Kenya’s economy. With an ever-growing tech-savvy population in the country, many business sectors are now clicking on the mobile markets.

A report by Akamani this year ranked Kenya’s Internet as the fastest both in Africa and the Middle East and accounted for 60 percent of Android smartphone users. These statistics further revealed that 21 million Kenyans enjoy internet connectivity and access.

Another estimate by the International Telecommunications Union revealed that about 26% of the Kenyan population as at 2016 accessed online connectivity. This population was covered by the 3G internet as revealed by ICT Gaps study.

Even though the numbers already look impressive, service providers are committed to enabling further growth of internet subscription which already improved to 33.4 million Kenyans as at last year. The availability of internet for access has in mainly seen the growth of SMEs in the country.

However, the real estate sector has suddenly picked up the trend and find it more rewarding to sell on Facebook and Twitter, for instance, than in the traditional media like Tv and radio where they spent vast sums of money on advertising.

Real estate training, online construction shops, house hunting, buying and selling of land is now all on the internet. House hunters, in particular, have been saved the hustle of making phone calls or paying brokers to find for them a house, to rent or own.

With just an App account in users’ phone, they can now buy construction materials, service for architects, plumbers, electricians, find and compare the property to purchase, in a few minutes.

The industry has experienced sprouting online companies like the WaziMart, Fanaka Real Estate, MKeja, OLX, Jumia, BuyRent among others.



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