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SWVL Kenya to Offer Free Rides

Peter Musila 1 year ago

SWVL Kenya will be offering free rides to specified routes in a bid to help citizens reach their destinations on time in line with the governments’ directive urging everyone to stay indoors as a control measure against coronavirus spread.

In a statement by the company, free rides will be available to only essential routes, with the most demand for necessary commutes.

Customers willing to use the e-bus company services need to use the code HERE4YOU, on the pap.

The company has also adopted the 60 percent capacity directive that was issued by the government recently to ensure social distancing is upheld.

In the wake of COVID-19 in the country, the company has put necessary measures as required by the government, among them making hand sanitizers available for their bus operators and passengers, implementing ventilation policy, and cash-less payments.

“As a Kenyan company, we want to ensure we are here to help and support our fellow Kenyans during this challenging time for our country,” said SWVL Kenya General Manager, Dip Patel.

“We will continue to operate on as many high-traffic routes as possible, to enable people to shop for food supplies and continue other essential travel, particularly for those in critically needed jobs at this time.”

According to the company, clients will be updated on the free ride routes via the application.

“We support the measures being put in place by the government and encourage our users to stay home and avoid non-essential commuting when they can.”

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