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Blue Bells Apartments Up For Sales

Joseph 3 years ago

Blue Bells Gardens meets the modern-day gated community concept by giving value for money and the best potential buyers could expect in design, quality workmanship and finishes. It has well considered environmental and other modern building standards. Our architects have striven to create an exciting and vibrant community. The main commitment by Blue Bells Gardens is an acknowledgement that the places we live in are secure, comfortable and environmentally friendly.
The garden offers 3-bedroom apartments going for 7.4 million with a flexible repayment periods as well as discounted offers.

The apartments are located 700metres from Mombasa road. They are located along Beijing road, right after Allpark Industries and past Gateway mall.



  • Exquisite finishes.
  • Gypsum ceiling.
  • Water security with 1000litres storage per unit.
  • Electric Fence & perimeter fence
  • Cabro paved pavements.
  • Waste water treatment.
  • Solar street lighting.


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  • Grey Oak property in Nanyuki @ Ksh350,000
  • Grey Oak property in Atghi River @ Ksh450,000


Kindly contact us on info@kenya2uhub.com or +254721322754 or +254716142697




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