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Infinity’s Chapter President at BNI Global Wins ‘Arbitrator Lawyer of the Year in Kenya’ Award

Jacquiline 2 years ago

Formerly a Kenya in Diaspora for nearly two decades, Rose Muigai has been announced the winner of the Leaders in Law-2020 Global Awards Arbitrator Lawyer of the Year in Kenya.

In her announcement on Linkedin Profile, the arbitration expert narrated of her 15 years journey in practicing law and how she won the award unexpectedly.


“I lived the first 18 years of my life in Kenya. The next 18 years of my adult life were spent in UK. Over 10 of the 18 years were spent practicing law in UK. During that time despite my extensive experience in litigating and the many run-ins I did from the County court, Crown court, High court and Supreme court not forgetting the ECHR I saw and experienced it all.” she said.

“Despite it all no award or recognition came my way. Then one day I finally hang up my boots and returned to Kenya.” Rose noted.

Practicing Law in Kenya

“It’s now 5 years since I have been in Kenya and this is my second recognition award.” Ms Muigai affirmed.

She further described the practice in Kenya as pretty interesting after coming across cases that she thought she probably would never have litigated/ arbitrated or created precedents in UK but Kenya has given her that opportunity.

Rose further recounted how the legal practice in Kenya is a virgin land, which the profession has barely scratched the legal surface comparing to her experience in diaspora.

“Too many legal areas to explore I could come up with an ending list…I have even written an Immigration Law Handbook.” she revealed.

“Am a believer of arbitration as litigation is costly, time wasting and breaks all sorts of relationship between parties including the lawyers in the mix.” she said.

“This being a UK recognition its quite interesting and am humbled. Am sure there are better and more experienced lawyers in Kenya than me who deserve the award!” she noted in her acceptance note.

Photo: LinkedIn

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