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Kenyan Teacher Saved By American Students From Deportation

Peter Musila 2 years ago

Students from Valor Christian school in Colorado, USA have shown their solidarity for a Kenyan teacher who resides in the US and was to be deported.

The students came together to the defense of the IT specialist Anthony Wanjiru who was to be deported after being under temporary employment in the US.

Anthony grew up in Kenya and moved to the US in 2011, did a master’s degree and later secured employment at the school in 2014 and lived there on H-1B visa.

Things started getting thick after his application to renew the visa was rejected, an implication that he had to think of how he would head home.

Having worked in the school and interacted with the students for years, he had made good friends who chose to stand with him after realising he was to be deported. 

 On a statement released by Valor Christians head of school, Kurt Unruh read: “Mr Wanjiru is well-loved by our students and faculty. While we acknowledge that immigration issues are complex and need to be handled through legal channels, we are also proud to see our students participating in civic discourse and speaking on behalf of our friend and colleague. Anthony is one of us — whether here in Colorado or Kenya. Our prayers and support for him are unwavering, and it is our sincere hope to have him back at Valor Christian as soon as possible.”.

Many people living in the US have found themselves in cross-roads after the H-1B Visa renewal gets rejected, with over 41 per cent similar cases were reported in 2017 and 13 per cent during the Obama tenure.

Source: https://www.tuko.co.ke/299394-american-students-join-hands-save-kenyan-teacher-facing-deportation.html#299394

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