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KEFRI Urges Central Rift to Consider Bamboo Farming to Reap Big

Peter Musila 2 years ago

The Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) has called upon the Central Rift farmers and area residents to take the initiative and start Bamboo farming.

According to the institute, this will help not only to increase the numbers of this remarkable plant, but it will help the farmers boost their revenue significantly.

According to the institute, Bamboo plant will help in reducing the area soil erosion, and also enrich their soils and hence boosting agriculture production in the area. To add on that, the instate indicated that the farmers can also use the plants to brew beer and therefore an additional income.

Latest reports indicate that the presence of this critical plant has been on a sharp decline. This is according to National Bamboo Policy 2019, stating that the plant now covers only 100,000 ha across the country.  The plants’ strongholds being in the Aberdare Ranges, Mau Forest, Mount Kenya, Mount Elgon and Cherangany Hills.

Adding on this, the institute said that embracing this plant will also help in tackling climate change and its effects.

Other important uses include supporting the paper mill industry and cortege industries, both local and international, as the demand has always surpassed the supply a significant boost to the country’s economy.

To aid the quest, the institute is set to have bamboo nurseries and pieces of training on ways the trees can be cultivated. Notably, the plant is also a good source of furniture.

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