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Face of Kenya 2017 – 5th Anniversary

simon 4 years ago

IMG_8060 FOK celebrated its 5th Anniversary on the 8th /07/2017 . I am consistently struck by the impressive levels of dedication, expertise, enthusiasm and compassion that are invested in the preparation for this event . While the quality and accomplishments of this system are considerable and praiseworthy, the challenges—be they demographic, financial, sociological, political or cultural—are formidable and constant.

Throughout the FOK campaign we hear from the youth and  leaders , founders of FOK foundations. For example, They share experience of community and provides examples of how to lift people out of poverty through access to sponsorship . FOK believes “exclusion leads to poverty” and shares that the FOK “vehicle for creating opportunities to those who have been excluded “philanthropy is a very personal initiative, which has to be conducted by your heart and not your head.

When we spoke to some of youth contestants our most generous regular givers, what emerged again and again was their sense of duty to give back to society and tackle inequality – the desire to use their own good fortune to help others.

This should be the driving motive of each and every one as a community. Face of Kenya is one amongst many platforms we could use . I am encouraged by the many charities benefiting from the efforts of the young men and women. Thank you to all those that made time to support or attend this year’s event .

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate Janet , Ken and the entire team for a Job well done . Bring on FOK USA.

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